“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” — Charles Darwin

“DevOps is a set of practice that seeks to reduce the gap between software development and software operation.”

Use Cloud and DevOps to build immutable infrastructure by agile development using collaborative open source tools:
-Terraform or Cloud Formation for infrastructure provisioning and scaling.
-Packer for building server images or containers using:
-chef cookbooks, puppet modules or ansible playbooks to build servers.


Cloud Automation and DevOps Consultant and Engineer using Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt, Amazon AWS using CloudFormation,and Terraform also Openstack, Softlayer and vCloud. Continous Integration with Jenkins and Teamcity.

I enjoy working with developers using agile methodologies, designing server configuration, cloud architectures, build environments and administration of development platforms. I build open source tools for devops. I've written a number of test kitchen plugins the most popular being kitchen-ansible and kitchen-puppet and contributed to the Puppet Forge.

I've broad experience in the full technology stack:
- Centos and Ubuntu Linux and Windows Server.
- Test tools like test-kitchen, rspec and server-spec.
- Build environments like Teamcity and Jenkins.
- Jira and Confluence tools.
- Oracle. MySql, Redis, MongoDB Databases.
- Tomcat Nodejs Servers.
- Apache, IIS, and Nginx web servers.
- Certified java developer and a background in working for enterprise software vendors.

I am available for on-site fixed-term contracting via daily rate for Cloud projects and short remote fixed-priced cloud projects and microconsulting.

 If I can help you please contact me at neillwturner-at-gmail.com.

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