Agile DevOps - People and Process then Automation!!!

Use Cloud and DevOps to build infrastructure by rapid agile iterative development using collaborative open source tools:
-Terraform or Cloud Formation for easy orchestration.
-chef cookbooks, puppet modules or ansible playbooks to build servers.
-Test Kitchen to deploy and test them.
-Packer for build server images or containers.
-EC2Dream a graphic user interface that provides a 'single pane of glass' to do agile devops primarily on cloud servers.
-Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, IBM, Openstack, Local and Hosted servers.

Cloud APIs

Two main Cloud APis are emerging:

Amazon EC2 -  Based on a modified Xen hypervisor with Management tools and an API that is the most extensive for cloud computing. Amazon have first mover advantage and it is getting easier to setup servers and amazon EC2 will provide services like monitoring, auto-scaling, VPN etc as part of the service. Eucalyptus offer a private cloud compatible with EC2 mostly used in small private datacentres and they also support the VMware hypervisor so the EC2 API can be used to manage all the major hypervsors except Microsoft's Hyper-V. Cloudstack have also committed to EC2 compatiability with a completely open source apache product. CloudStack tends to be used by bigger cloud providers.          

VMware - VCloud. Based on the VMware hypervisor with Virtual Infrastructure management tools which allow you to build a private cloud. VMWare are offering their product to companies to use to build public clouds and be a big supporter of hyrid clouds. See vCloud API. VCloud API has been open sourced by VMware.

Others are:

Openstack offers the EC2 API as well as their own openstack API but are more committed to their own openstack API.
Azure - Based on HyperV. Microsoft products only. See Windows Azure SDK and Windows Azure Details

It looks like Amazon EC2/S3 is becoming the most common API and more cloud products are supporting it in addition to there own APIs.  The cloud market looks like a battle between VMWare and the Amazon cloud and its compatabiles.

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