Agile DevOps - People and Process then Automation!!!

Use Cloud and DevOps to build infrastructure by rapid agile iterative development using collaborative open source tools:
-Terraform or Cloud Formation for easy orchestration.
-chef cookbooks, puppet modules or ansible playbooks to build servers.
-Test Kitchen to deploy and test them.
-Packer for build server images or containers.
-EC2Dream a graphic user interface that provides a 'single pane of glass' to do agile devops primarily on cloud servers.
-Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, IBM, Openstack, Local and Hosted servers.

Scripting with PowerShell

The PowerShell scripting shell and language is the strategic direction for Microsoft Scripting. There are an increasing number of scripts available so it should be the best tool for configurating Windows Servers in Amazon EC2. PowerShell is a .NET 2.0 application and it uses .NET to achieve virtually everything so the power of .NET is leverage from within PowerShell. You can access EC2 and S3 with the .NET interfaces.

PowerShell 1.0 supports Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 but has no remote scripting capability.

PowerShell 2.0 supports remote scripting but is only available with Vista and Windows Server 2008(currently unsupported by Amazon EC2) and is still a preview release. The latest preview being CTP3.

There are an increasing number of powershell scripts available at sites like the Script Center Script Repository. If you want a GUI for Powershell download PowerGUI.

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