Agile DevOps - People and Process then Automation!!!

Use Cloud and DevOps to build infrastructure by rapid agile iterative development using collaborative open source tools:
-Terraform or Cloud Formation for easy orchestration.
-chef cookbooks, puppet modules or ansible playbooks to build servers.
-Test Kitchen to deploy and test them.
-Packer for build server images or containers.
-EC2Dream a graphic user interface that provides a 'single pane of glass' to do agile devops primarily on cloud servers.
-Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, IBM, Openstack, Local and Hosted servers.

Cloud Management Suppliers

RightScale - The Big Daddy of Cloud Management. Limited free developer account. Expensive $500 a month but powerful scripting functionality if they support the systems you use - Centos/Ubuntu, MySQL, Tomcat, PHP.

Scalr - a fully redundant, self-curing and self-scaling hosting environment. Cheap at $50 a month but not as much functionality as rightscale. There is also an Open Source version you can run yourself if you want to.


Kaavo - application-centric management solution. New to market.

Cacti - Open source free complete network graphing solution. Have a prebuilt image. Simple PHP/MySQL solution.

Hyperic HQ for Amazon Web Services. Free support for only 4 EC2 instances.

Zenoss - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems & Network Monitoring. Core free product has limited functionality.

Tapinsystems - system management in the cloud. New to market.

Cloudkick - free (currently) monitoring with email alerts. Over time the Amazon AWS Management Console should have more of the monitoring functions.


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