Agile DevOps - People and Process then Automation!!!

Use Cloud and DevOps to build infrastructure by rapid agile iterative development using collaborative open source tools:
-Terraform or Cloud Formation for easy orchestration.
-chef cookbooks, puppet modules or ansible playbooks to build servers.
-Test Kitchen to deploy and test them.
-Packer for build server images or containers.
-EC2Dream a graphic user interface that provides a 'single pane of glass' to do agile devops primarily on cloud servers.
-Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, IBM, Openstack, Local and Hosted servers.


"I’ll argue that non-differentiated services -- services that need to be good but aren’t the company’s competitive advantage -- are much more economically hosted in very high-scale cloud computing environments." James Hamilton, Amazon Web Services Vice President and Distinguished Engineer.

* The Pay-As-You-Go Model. There are significant advantages to this model for efficiency as one only pays for those resources one has actually consumed. If the application scales along the right revenue generating dimensions these costs will be in line with the revenue being generated.

* Managing Peak Capacity. Many IT organizations need to maintain extra capacity for anticipated peak loads, capacity that sits idle for most of the time.

* Higher reliability at lower cost. Negotiating several contracts with different datacenter and network providers to make sure the IT tasks can survive complex failure scenarios is a difficult task and many organizations find it hard to achieve this in a cost efficient manner. Amazon EC2 with its Regions and Availability Zones gives its customers access to several high-end datacenters with highly redundant networking capabilities at a single pricing model, without any negotiations.

The Economics of the Cloud

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